I think i’ve placed the wrong fuel in your car! please help

What you should do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

placed-wrong-fuelPutting the wrong fuel type in a car (or misfuelling as is it commonly known) happens more often than you may realise. However, despite the regularity of putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle, most people don’t know what they should do. They certainly don’t have the number of a fuel draining company to hand.

So what would you do?

Simply drive off and hope for the best? Don’t! Driving your vehicle with the wrong fuel in it can cause devastating damage to your engine. At best; you’ll be met with a huge repair bill, at worst; your vehicle may be written off. Not all insurance policies will cover you if you’ve driven with the wrong fuel in your cars tank so it’ll be down to you to pay the price for your mistake.

Add the correct fuel to your tank, drive off and hope for the best? Don’t! Even a mix of fuels in your tank can cause irreparable damage to the engine.

Maybe you would call your breakdown recovery service if you have one? However, you may find that your policy does not cover breakdowns or accidents resulting from human error. Putting the wrong fuel in your tank classes as human error and so you may not be covered. They will outsource the fuel drain to a specialist company very often and they will charge you a premium for this. Read your policy carefully and if you have the human error clause in it, finding a specialist fuel drain company yourself will help reduce the amount you have to pay.

How about your insurance policy? Well again, callings the insurance company is the first thing many people do. However, unless you’ve paid extra, specifically to cover you for this sort of incident, the insurance policy may not cover you for human error but, once you’ve notified them of your predicament they may insist that you use a dealer to do the fuel drain, or risk voiding your policy, which again may end up costing you more than is necessary.

So what is the best course of action?

Inevitably the best course is often the simplest one. Have a reputable fuel drain company’s mobile phone or have their card in your glove box. That way if you ever make this common mistake, you have the right people to contact to fix your problem. Just make sure you have a reputable fuel drain company.

It is imperative therefore that in order to ensure that you cannot be held accountable, that you only use companies who are fully risk assessed, and accredited with ISO9001: 2000 & PAS-43-2008, with documented working practices and health and safety procedures. In other words, all the things that are just as imperative as in your own business. Many fuel drain companies scrimp on these standards because they are expensive and high maintenance. However, a reputable one will hold these and will be pleased that you have called to check. Have you ever had the misfortune to put the wrong fuel in your tank?

Did you know that having put the wrong fuel into your tank, it can be quickly rectified?

Many people are under the misconception that putting wrong fuel in their tank can result in a major repair bill.However, this is not the case.There are many companies which can assist you at the roadside after your mistake, drain your car of the wrong fuel and put the right fuel in to help you on your way. What is more, this can be achieved in as little as forty minutes.

There are many Fuel Mobile Drain Services which can really come to the rescue when you have put the wrong fuel into your tank by mistake.They specialise in providing a mobile fuel drain service in the world. They can provide you with a fast and efficient service twenty-four hours a day so they are really the people to choose. If you have made this mistake then do not despair, help is at hand.

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A look up on some renowned Alumni

Ok so we have had a lot of emails asking whether we know the whereabouts of Southampton University Magnetics Alumni.  We have decided to release the whereabouts of certain individuals and explain what they are doing now and how they can be contacted.  All the individuals have consented to their details being listed being listed below.  If you would like your details to be placed on the website please contact admin and they will try and help.  We are also looking into developing a members directory or forum area.  We may be introducing super small charges to enable these features as in this capitalistic world everything costs money.Here we go

Here we go

Matt Benson – currently still at the University and can be contacted at the Magnetics labs.  Matt can be seen working as a technician with Dr Kumar. (He just can’t leave…..)

Henson Davis – Henson has an internship at Sony and is working in the research and development department.

James Madar – James worked with the university for a while but has now gone back home to live in his native city of Birmingham.  James is currently working with teeth whitening training provider UK Dental Care (He has told us he may be considering a career change…)

Sam Becconsfield – Sam is working part time for a Birmingham teeth whitening company called Bullring Teeth Whitening.  He is still pursuing a career in magnetic development strategy.


That’s all for now guys we will update you with more information shortly.

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Magnetic Resonance Section

School of Chemistry, University of Southampton

Magnetic Resonance @ University of Southampton

Spin Dynamics course new Schedule and location: Thursdays, 14:00-16:00, 29/3015 http://spindynamics.org/support.php
Section and Section Seminars mailing lists are now online (magres-section@lists.soton.ac.uk and magres-seminars@lists.soton.ac.uk). Please visit http://www.lists.soton.ac.uk and subscribe yourself to those lists if you have not done so already.
External seminar speakers (wish list): Jurgen Gauss (IK, PP), Vincenzo Barone (IK, PP), Shimon Vega (PP), Sean Bowen (PP), Marcus Baldus (JW), Geerten Vuister (JW) – please propose your desired speakers to Peppe.
Magnetic resonance is a powerful spectroscopic technique for examining the structure of matter, involving the use of a strong magnet and radio waves.

We research in the theory, simulation, and applications of magnetic resonance, including both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). For details, follow the links on the sidebar.

PhD positions (EU/UK students only) are available through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Magnetic Resonance (iMR). Information is available through the links on the sidebar.

We have made available a number of software packages for specialist researchers. For details, follow the links on the sidebar.

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